Mismatched Mix n Match Sox

LittleMismatched was born to inspire creativity, embrace individual style and celebrate self expression.  This is the second time now these awesomesocks have ended up in my stocking and I say the more the merrier!  Some people like socks for Christmas!

In our world, socks don't match-- MATCHING is mundane -- MIXING is MONUMENTAL and COLOR is cool. While we started with socks sold in odd numbers, we recognized that there’s an entire universe out there who shares our passion for creativity and self expression: think “outside the socks" - You can be a kid forever. Be BOLD, FASHION is FUN.

Since I'm usually wearing 2 different socks anyways, having a set of 3 to pick from means I'm more likely to find at least a pair amidst the rubble on my floor :)  The first set I received (left) were bi-coloured socks of the thick striped variety.  This time (right) I get two thin rainbow stripy ones and a puzzle piece sock just to change it up!

1 comment:

  1. Cool socks, love the patterns, but do the bands constrict your leg, they look tight. I am a mismatched sock wearer as well.