12" pizza in a Toaster Oven??

Believe it or not I was able to fit a 12" pizza from my local pizzeria J'Rocks into the new toaster oven I got from my parents for Christmas!  It has a curved back part that just barely fits the 12" circle but it heats up and cooks just that much faster.  I was also really happy to see Giant Tiger supporting a local business by selling J'Rocks premade pizzas in their freezer section :) 

Cooking the pizza was a good first go, but I'm also going to have fun putting this appliance to the test as a miniature oven - not just for baking but for roasting and broiling as well.  Living alone, it seems ridiculous to heat up my entire oven for such small portions of food.  That plus the fact that it has one of those auto-turn-off timer dials so I can't accidentally leave it running and burn things to a crisp!

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