jeffery's greenhouse

Working in a bedding plant greenhouse (factory) during spring shipping season is hectic especially over May long weekend!!  We grow tons of annual flowers, herbs and vegetables - mostly for the Home Depot I believe although I'm not sure of the details... I had no idea greenhouses of such scale existed and ours isn't even nearly the largest.  I've been amazed by the patterns of colour created by the sheer number of identical flowers, and the geometric shapes of the parallel benches and hooped compartments.  Today was quiet because there wasn't too many production crew or mexican workers in the greenhouse, just growers.... watering.... watering.... watering.... so I got a chance to take a bunch of pictures.  A few of my favourites are below, and you can see a whole bunch more of them in my photobucket.

 watering fields of marigolds = incredibly wonderful smell

rainbows of bedding flowers waiting to be shipped

not usually a fan of begonias - but these ones are triiiiippy!

sooo many peppers!
green bells, sweet peppers, banana, habernero, hot portugal...

there's a certain beauty to the symmetry, repetition and vast scale

in the morning the floor is covered in flower petals

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