garden: stage 2

Our free-cycled/dumpster diving garden is really coming along!  I got a flat each of Matthiola and Fuschia at work today, along with some overgrown Thyme and Marjoram and some scraggly sad peppers.  I have faith in my green thumb but I also may have bitten off a bit more than I can chew!  There are plants everywhere!!!
The flowers came straight out of a hot humid compartment at the greenhouse yesterday and its still fairly cool at night so overnight I kept them in a make shift greenhouse tent and "flood floor"  in my bathtub to ease the shock.  Its also easier to water a bunch of small pots all at once from below like this.  This morning I transplanted all the flowers and moved them out onto the front stairs.
Camden took charge of the peppers, we have a whole field of them now although we'll have to thin out the ones that don't survive to give the rest room to grow.
And I happily started to fill in around the cedar with the herbs.  The nice thing about getting huge numbers of tiny plants is its easy to establish a dense groundcover :)  We free-cycled another roadside shelf and turned it on its side to make another planter so I'm really hoping to find some veggies to go in it...
... to be continued

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