garden: stage 1

Getting migraines from the extreme heat in the greenhouse, stayed home today to see the doctor...
Cam has been doing a wonderful job prepping the garden for planting with the tons of free-cycled plants I get at work.  They were throwing out overgrown plug flats today, and although they're not really in great condition - full of botrytis and all tangled together - with some TLC I'm sure they'll improve!  
More free-cycling: a few days ago we found a shelf on the side of the road which makes a great planter box flipped on its side (we drilled holes for drainage too)  For now I'll fill it with the annual plugs but I'm hoping to get some vegetables going.  

We've also been ripping out the weeds around the cedar tree we planted for earth day to make room for an herb garden.  So far we've only got the chocolate mint from last year and some forlorn indoor ferns (whose' survival I have doubts about...) but we prepped the herb garden soil and a large patch next to the planter box and we'll just have to see what comes next!

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