when bad things happen to good plants

Today was rotten - from my stolen tomato plant to a variety of waiting in clinics and having blood taken my day wasn't going well and then while walking to the library I had another unpleasant surprise.
I went to water the veggies around 6am before the heat of the day and discovered a hole in my tomato planter box!  Not the kind that a digging animal makes... not even the kind of destruction that drunken party people make... but the kind of neat exact hole made by someone who knows enough to spot my best tomato plant and is determined to have it for themselves, hoop support and all :(  boourns!  I've at least repotted my next nicest tomato into a large pot and brought it upstairs!!
Then after a day of reading outdated magazines in too cold waiting rooms, all I wanted was to return my library books and get something uplifting to read.  On my way I was disappointed (but not overly surprised) to find that some maintenance crew for the parking lot had weed whacked all the baby morning glories (that I've been watching for weeks) as they were just starting to climb up the fence and open little flowers.  They were huge and lovely last year and seem to have self-seeded hundreds of little babies so I'm sure they will soon cover the fence.  Plus I know I can't expect everyone to have the same attention to detail and love for roadside plants that I do, but is it really necessary to constantly attack every green thing that slightly encroaches on any paved surfaces?


  1. Dude! Someone stole your tomato plant? Thats some weak isssshhh.

  2. No way! That's crazy. I'm so disappointed in people, I've heard a lot of garden theft stories lately.