rarely observed nuances of everyday objects

My grandma gave me this sewing box a number of years ago when I first got a sewing machine, but it wasn't until recently that I noticed just how interesting the box itself and the contents really are.  The box is a medium sized souvenir tin from Hilversum in North Holland showing some interesting architecture of their broadcasting studios.  The thread is true Canadiana - the common ones: Eatons, Simpsons or Sears  but also: The Canadian Spool Cotton Co. and a little mending kit from a "Master Furrier" in Leaside and my grandmother apparently favours English made hardware (pins and needles).  The wooden spools are are so much more tangibly interesting than plastic spools that are destined for recycling, and even the packets and price tags are interesting to examine.  She's a very special person to me and it comforts me to use the things she's given me in my everyday life.

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  1. I love reading things like this. A definite spirit lifter.