up-cycled tote into apron

I spill everything, lean against things I shouldn't, wipe every substance known to my hands on myself - my dad on the other hand is of the mentality that if you just take care, you shouldn't end up messy.  So needless to say when I saw this great recycled apron tutorial by @betzwhite (intended for Father's Day) it was myself that came to mind first not my dad.
Since I garden in my regular clothes (or just wear my gardening clothes all the time, depends on your perspective) I figured a gardening apron would be in order and the cloth on this Canadian Music Week bag was nicely worn in but not too dirty.
I also tend to run out into my deck garden whenever the thought comes to mind, often with cellphone, camera or mp3 player in hand - which then fall off whatever precarious edge I perch them on, through the grate and onto the pavement below - so I made my gardening apron with secret inside pockets to keep those things secure!

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