wild garlic

We had a great soil science class today!  I learn more from Bill than any other teacher combined.  First we took a look at the Green Roof Irrigation Trials that Niagara Research and the 2nd year students are working on.  Seems like the line system is working better than the ring system but I'm really not a fan of the growing media they're using.  Adding some organic matter would really help with capillary action and seedling establishment in the gaps where nothing is growing.  Then we got our hands dirty doing pH and EC soil tests all over campus.  

Guess what else we found all over campus?  Wild Garlic (Allium vineale)!  These tiny bulblets are only found  in the Niagara Peninsula but here they grow in fields, vineyards, roadsides and near woods (exactly where we found them!)   At first I thought it was clumps of bright green grass but some further digging  proved otherwise  :) I chewed on some shoots during class  it smells incredible and its delicately mild and tasty.  I'm gonna keep growing the bulbs and see what happens, apparently it grows bulblets instead of flowers!

Great Wild Garlic Soup recipe from Demuths can be found here
OMAFRA Wild Garlic Info Sheet can be found here

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