sensational tastetation

Deliciously tongue twisting is the best way to describe this juice so I picked an equally tongue twisting name: sensational tastetation.  This delectable drink was created by blending all sorts of fabulous fruits and vetgetables in the blender - which was super tasty - but we didn't stop there!  We then juiced the blended smoothie by pouring it through the juicer.  This created a SUPERJUICE and a fantabulously tasty pulp that we used for frozen treats.  Its the two step blend -> juice process that makes the juice so tasty but it also has the added benefit of making the fruit last way longer than it does when you put it straight into the juicer!   
ingredients: apple, banana, carrots, cranberry, ginger, orange, pineapple (and the juice from the can), yellow bell pepper

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