Finally! A replacement for Picnik!

When I first discovered Picnik, I fell in love.  Because I am always updating from libraries, internet cafes, couchsurfing hosts, freelance offices, and friend's houses my "computer" is a harddrive and I can't install all the programs I need each and every time.  In-browser editing, via Picnik, was a fantastic solution!  Though not as flexible as photoshop, I found it powerful enough. With diverse settings and a wonderful array of effects, type and frames.  Imagine my dismay when Google announced it was buying Picnik and while aligning many of the features into Google+, would be shutting down the original site.

I've been at a loss.. but I've just discovered the solution: PicMonkey!  From many of the same engineers and team that created Picnik, but with more features - its intuitively similar to its predecessor.  You can see above, a few samples of what I've managed on PicMonkey, I'd suggest trying it out :)

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  1. You should also check out http://www.ribbet.com - it's almost identical to how Picnik was and has cloud photo storage