Green in the Snow

No wonder Suehlihung, a type of chinese mustard greens, are commonly known as "Green in the Snow"!
These incredibly tough, hardy, cold tolerant greens seem to be surviving the winter remarkably well under the blanket of wintery white we've finally gotten this year.  When they poke through I've been clipping small handfuls to garnish soups and stews - their usual sharp mustardy taste is a little milder and sweeter it seems, though still quite pungent.  Along with the amazing Suehlihung I also still have the everlasting and seemingly impossible to kill rainbow swiss chard that I think has got to be 2 seasons old now!  I just continue to cut the leaves back to the base and they continue to grow, snow and all.  Anyone who claims that it's "too anything" (cold, dry, short season, poor soil) to garden wherever they are can stuff it!  Mine 1 foot wide strip of disturbed land next to a parking spot and now under a layer of snow is clearly proving the odds are beatable.

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