walk the city late at night

My friend Seann spent the week in Toronto, and brought this super rad lil video home with him.  I don't think I'll ever want to live there permanently, but now that I'm away from it I miss the bustling busy 24hr nature of the city.  Also: functional public transit, every kind of ethnic food, a cultured nightlife and the ROM

I walk the city late at night
Does everyone here do the same?
I want to be the things I see
Give every face and place my name
I cross the street, take a right
Pick up the pace, pass a fight
Did I grow up just to stay home?
I'm not immune - I love this tune

I wanna love more
I just wanna love more

I drag the city late at night
It's in my mouth, it's in my hair
The people fill the city because 

The city fills the people - oh yeah
I cross the street, avoid the freeze -
A city's warmer by a couple degrees
The smell of food, The smell of rain
I'm not immune - I love this tune

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