i have a new favourite houseplant!!

I've been reading a great book (Growing Stuff: An Alternative Guide to Gardening) and I discovered the coolest houseplant ever!

Lithops, look like living stones, and are almost as easy to care for!  Native to South Africa these drought tolerant succulents have evolved over time to resemble pebbles in order to hide from foraging predators!   

to start: Mix half grit/half compost in a bowl with drainage, position the plants and add polished rock top dressing; place in a sunny position.

care: Each year the pair of leaves will split in half and a new pair of leaves will appear between them.  When leaves die back, begin watering every 2 weeks until Autumn, when they flower.  Water (only when dry) by standing the bowl garden in a tray of water for about an hour. 

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