artist trading cards

I love snail mail and I also love arts and crafts!  When I  was about 16 years old I discovered the ultimate combination of both these passions: Artist Trading Cards (ATCs).  Artists from around the world make cards about the same size as baseball cards (21/2 X 31/2) with a variety of themes and in a vast range of mediums.  They then find swap partners online at sites like ATCsforAll (my personal favourite) and mail their cards out, waiting anxiously to receive their partner's card in return.  

I don't know which part I love more: the alluring mystery of creating things with my own hands only to ship them off to a complete stranger or the anticipation of an equally interesting piece of craft-work that will soon arrive in the mail.  The best part is probably opening the mailbox and finding something has finally arrived!  I spent all day today making ATCs but my camera battery is dead so these are a few samples of some ATCs I made a while ago.

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